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About Us

  • Established in 2015, Blink has become one of the popular “Lash” provider in SaudiArabia.
  • Our aim was to provide luxury lashes to people all acrossthekingdom with the help of socialmedia.
  • Being the first Saudi eyelash brand, our lashes were designed to introduce mink lashes and offer highly professional quality and easy to use products for our customers.
  • We have recently launched our new premium brand extension- “Ousha” which offers lashes made from human and synthetic hair at affordable prices.
  • We have recently launched our new premium brand extension-“Ousha” which offers lashes made from human and synthetic hair at affordableprices.
  • We have also launched our Lash Glue in June2016

Key Highlights

  • Starting as an online business with just 3 products, we have widened our product range by offering 22 different lashes in an year span.
  • We are proudly catering to all towns, cities and even remote places in Saudi Arabia.
  • Gained immense popularity on Instagram by having approximately 60K followers in a time span of 1 year.
  • Boasting a clientele of high end beauty salons and beauty shops.
  • Participated in exhibitions all across the Kingdom and had excellent customer feedback.
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Vision & Mission

  • To maintain its position as one of the leading lash provider in Saudi Arabia.
  • To become the best and leading eyelash brand worldwide as we pride ourselves in luxury & premium quality products and continue to provide excellent customer service.
  • To gain market leadership through innovative retailing formula based on choice and convenience.
  • Offer quality and comprehensive beauty solutions to our customers.
  • Build long-term partnership with our buyers & suppliers.
  • Adhere to the principles of good corporate citizenship.